Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gotta get rid of that Music!

To quote an earlier post ~

"As far as music is concerned, it is also an addiction. The proof that it is in an addiction is that those who listen to it are not willing to give it up and replace it with Quran which they know is more beneficial to them (for every letter of Quran you hear in the mode of pleasing Allah (Swt), you get 10 good rewards!, not for every word, for every letter!). The solution? Gradually replace the music you listen to with Quran; try to listen to more and more Quran each day and be consistent. Stop listening to music in the car, instead only listen to Quran in the car! And when at home begin reading the Quran daily and pondering over its verses. With the help of Allah (swt) gradually you will depend less and less upon music and you will become addiction free. " 

 (See In Search of Sincerity  , an earlier post on this blog to read more about how to make pondering the Quran easier for you and your heart)

So you wanna make the blessed decision to get rid of your music and listen to more Quran? 
If Yes, then Alhamdulillah, the next question is:
Where does one find Quran to listen to?

Well it depends, if you want to watch online, or while you are using the computer, 
there is plenty on youtube.

Among my favorites from youtube :

to name just a few...

But what if you want to put the Blessed Quran on your Ipod? or on a CD, etc? (Lets say you really want to maximize on good deeds)
Well thats also easy inshaAllah  

here are easy instructions to download plenty of beautiful Quran Recitations onto your computer

go to a website that has recitations, such as (this is just an example, there are other good sites out there alhamdulillah)

Click on a reciter you like, Some of my reccomendations are Ahmad bin Ali Al-AjmyMishary Rashed AlafasyTawfeeq As-Saaigh, Abdul Baset Abdul-Samad, Fahd al-KunduryMuhammad JibreelSaud Al-Shuraim - Abdul Rahman Alsudais (the two famous Imams of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah) 
And there are plenty of other reciters for if you ever come across one somewhere else that you want to download recitation by. (to find these names quickly at a website, just press ctrl+f and then type in the name of the reciter, sometimes you have to play around with the spelling a little bit to find the guy your looking for)

after clicking their name, Find the surah you want to download and right click the second mp3 button on the right and then click "save target as"( or in google chrome "save link as") and choose a folder, and give a name. The audio will then download to your computer inshaAllah.

To download a the whole Quran at once from a reciter, then you need a program that can query downloads, such as free download manager.

Jazakallahukhayr, May Allah accept from all of us and Guide us to that which pleases him the most.

To all of those starting off with this blessed endeavor,

Here are some reccomended downloads to start you off inshaAllah, you'll have to find the individual surahs yourselves, I can only link you to the reciters' pages.

Al-Fatihah from the Prophet's Holy Mosque

Maryam  by Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajmy

Al-Mu'minoon by Tawfeeq As-Saaigh

Fatiha by Fahd al-Kundury

Ash-Shuara by Muhammad Jibreel  <--- MashaAllah I think this reciter is Classic

Ar-Rahman by Shaykh Sudais of Mekkah
Al-'adiyat by Abul Baset Abdul Samad ( a very famous mujawwad reciter)
Al-Fatihah by Muhammad Jibreel

~One last note, if you want to put and youtube videos of Quran on your Ipod you can either put them in mp3 format or in video format, you just have to download the videos onto your computer first using    )

Any questions or problems, lemme know.



  1. i can relate to this. A year ago, I couldnt go a day without listening to my music. Now alhumdulilah Allah (swt) has completely replaced the music with Quran only.

  2. Great post bro. Jazakhallah!

    Other options for downloading from youtube (or anywhere) are the firefox addon 'DownloadHelper' though it only downloads the orig video. If you have a phone that runs android there is the 'Tube Downloader' app. There are many other options out there... just gotta pick one.