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Informative Writing by Shaykh AbualRub

Who are the Shi'a? by Sheikh Jalal AbualRub

The Shi'a Religion in Summary By Jalal Abualrub (www.islamlife.com)

Here is a summary of the Shi'a (Rafidhi) religion. This summary should be very beneficial for those who still cling to the hope of finding a savior in the Shi'a religion or its people; may they wake up from their long sleep and seek help from the only One Who owns it, Allah (I) the Exalted. Also, this should be a warning to those who know these facts but, for the benefit of their political or pocket agenda, choose to ignore them or even feel alright about them so as not to lose the benefits of cooperating with the Shi'a. They should be aware that Muslims like us will never be silent about exposing this false ideology and those who propagate it in action or by their silence.

What is Islam?

What is Islam? Islam, which means submission to the will of Allah, is built on two aspects, Iman and Islam. Iman, is built on the six pillars of faith: belief in Allah, the angels, the books (including the Quran!), the messengers, the Last Day and all parts of Al-Qadar, or Predestination. Islam, as it pertains to its practical aspects, is built on the testimony that there is none who deserves to be worshipped, except Allah, and to perform the Salah (prayer), Zakah (obligatory alms), Siyam (the Fast) and Hajj (Pilgrimage). All Muslims are required to have knowledge in these aspects so as to keep their religion intact and have it accepted by Allah, the Exalted.

What Are the Resources of Islam?

Islam has only two resources, both a revelation from Allah (I) the Exalted: the Quran, Islam's divinely revealed Book, and the Sunnah, the practices of Islam's Prophet, Muhammad (r), peace be on him.

This is What We Call Mankind To

How simple and magnificent this creed is! This is the summary of Islam. This is what Allah (I) and His Messenger (r) called us to. This is what we call mankind to. It takes only a few moments to learn the major aspects of Islam, and for this, we declare that all thanks belong to Allah (I) Alone without partners.

Allah (r) Preserved His Religion Perfectly

Allah (r) promised to protect and preserve the religion for mankind and He did so magnificently. Both the Quran and Sunnah have been kept preserved and intact and will remain so until the end of time. Not a single letter from the Quran was lost, and not a single authentic Hadeeth has vanished. The Ummah (nation) of Muhammad (r) has inherited all this wonderful knowledge and righteous practice through the Prophet's companions. The generation of the Prophet (r), his male and female companions, did both jobs superbly and beautifully: they preserved the Quran for humankind, and collected it in one universal volume that still exists to this day fully intact forever, and they preserved the Prophet's Sunnah, practicing and teaching it throughout their life.


This is the religion of Islam, simple, powerful, beautiful and easy to learn, practice, and teach. All this sounds wonderful, doesn't it? However, by careful analysis of the Shi`a religion, one will be horrified, to say the least, on learning what this religion calls to.

We will mention here only some of the major aspects of the Shi'a religion, to be followed in later articles by exact quotes and references. This is only a summary, the details will come Inshaallah.


Allah is described like this is in the Shi'a religion.

1. Allah's Names and Attributes: Just like the Mu`tazilah, the Jahmiyyah and similar sects, the Shi'a reject most of Allah's Attributes by altering their implications through the discredited method of Ta`weel. Therefore, where Allah describes Himself with an Attribute, the Shi'a reject, alter and corrupt its apparent meaning, and effectively deny it.

2. To the Shi'a, Allah (I) changes His 'mind', a Kafir creed called Al-Badaa, and He also regrets some of His Decisions.

3. Ali, as well as, other claimed Shi'a Imams, existed with Allah from the beginning.

4. Allah (I) Broke His Promise or was Unable to Keep it: read about this in the Quran section!

5. Allah (I) has shared His Attributes with the Shi'a Imams, such as invocation which is no longer directed at Allah Alone, but to the Imams as well. Some major Shi'a scholars say that to worship Allah Alone is Shirk (Polytheism), but to worship Allah and the Imams together, is Tau'heed (Monotheism). This reminds me of the most famous mathematical formula of all time: 1+1+1=1!

6. The Shi'a Imams are Allah's face.

7. The Shi'a Imams are entrusted with governing the affairs of the existence, to the extent that they control every atom in the world (as Khomeini said).

8. Allah (I) gave up the job of judgment to Ali. This is why some Shi'a scholars welcome this aspect hinting that Ali, who is surely free of all this Shirk, is more merciful than Allah (I).

We will say more in the details Inshaallah.

The Quran

Because the Quran has absolutely nothing to say about the Shi'a creed or any of its pillars, the Shi'a solution was easy: Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman corrupted the Quran! Therefore, since the Prophet's death, Muslims have been reading the words of Abu Bakr and Umar, not the words of Allah!

The Prophet (r)

Khomeini stated that the Prophet (r) failed in his mission. He also hinted that the Prophet (r) hid a part of the religion, since he failed to 'adequately' inform Muslims about the most important pillar of Islam, the need to have the Shi'a Imams as the infallible leaders of Islam and Muslims.

The Sunnah!

The Shi'a discarded the Sunnah completely, since to them, the Sunnis are disbelievers and so are all their scholars. After all, the two sects are called 'Sunni'; 'Shi'a'. By definition, the Shi'a are NOT Sunni, and the Sunni follows the Prophet's Sunnah. So, the Shi'a do not follow the Sunnah!

The Prophet's Companions

According to the Shi'a, all of the Prophet's companions became Kafir disbelievers after his death, except for 3, 5 or 7 companions, according to the generosity of the respective Shi'a scholar.

The Prophet's Wives

The Shi'a curse the Prophet's wives, call them as Kafir disbelievers and describe them as being wicked, immoral, cheating liars.

Abu Bakr and Umar (Don't Even Ask About Uthman)!

They are, according to Khomeini and his scholars of before, are the two idols of Quraish. The Shi'a curse Abu Bakr and Umar and call them Kafir disbelievers. In today's Islamic Republic of Iran, there is a huge Mazar (monument) erected for Abu Lu-luah Al-Majusi, the Kafir murderer of Umar (as a payback for Umar conquering Iran and bringing Islam to them!). They celebrate this monument and visit it like they visit the Ka'bah. They also celebrate the death of Umar every year! Abu Bakr and Umar, the two successors of the Prophet of Allah (r), are held by 'Muslims' to be the second and third best Muslims after Islam's Prophet.

The Prophet's Wives, the Mothers of the Believers?

To the Shi'a, the Prophet's wives are not believers, let alone being the Mothers of the Believers as the Quran declares them to be. First of all, the Quran was corrupted, so there is no proof there for the Shi'a. Secondly, the Prophet (r) failed in his mission and collected nine of the most wicked, evil women of all time as the Shi'a declare.

What About the Mother of the Believers?

Aishah, the beloved wife of the Prophet, the most knowledgeable Muslim woman of all time, whom Allah declared her innocence in His Quran, the Siddiqah (Truthful One), daughter of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (The Truthful One), is, basically, none of this to the Shi'a.

1. They curse Aishah in the worst possible manner and in public. (The party the Shi'a criminals had in London lately is the incident that caused outrage among Arab Muslims, because the people in that conference were celebrating the death of Aishah and cursing her in the most wicked manner, calling her an adulterer. I hereby thank the government of Kuwait for expelling the filthy criminal Yasir Al-Habeeb (rightfully called, Khasir Al-Khabeeth, i.e., the wicked loser) and stripping him of his Kuwaiti citizenship. When he was prevented from cursing Aishah in Sunni Kuwait, he continued his mission in Kafir UK. Free speech only works when it is against Islam, doesn't it?)

2. They call Aishah a disbelieving Kafir who betrayed the Prophet of Allah (r).

3. They claim that Ali 'divorced' Aishah from the Prophet (r) after his death.

4. They claim that she married (and worse) after the Prophet (r) died.

5. They accuse her of adultery. (Please, do not waste your time by quoting the Quran regarding her innocence! Remember what the Shi'a say about the Quran? To them, the Quran was changed and corrupted by none other than Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, the father of Aishah as-Siddiqah.)

What is Left of Our Islam?

O, Muslims who support Shi'a actively or by your silence! From now on, you should stop calling to the old Islam and just start calling to this other one instead where…

a) Allah (I) shared His authority and Attributes with the Shi'a Imams; b) Allah (I) regrets His Decisions and changes His mind; c) Allah (I) could not keep the Quran free from corruption; d) the Sunnah is null and void; e) the Quran was changed and corrupted; f) the generation that transferred the Quran and Sunnah, i.e., the Prophet's companions, were all disbelieving Kafirs; g) Islam's Prophet (r) collected for companions tens of thousands of Kafir, disbelieving devils, and had for wives wicked women who were sinners, some of them even committed adultery; h) Islam's Prophet (r) failed in his mission and did not deliver all of the Message; i) for more than 1300 years, Islam did not and still does not have a holy book since the real Quran was and still is hidden with the last Shi'a Imam, the Mahdi, who has been hiding in a hole in the ground for more than 1300 years, having water and honey as food!

No Thanks, We Like Our Islam the Old-Fashioned Way

Yet, with all these facts, there are still some Muslims today who act like at least one of the three monkeys: one placing his hands on his eyes, the other on his ears, and the third on his mouth! And they want to regain their Islamic unity and might and free Palestine by cooperating and supporting such an evil religion at the expense of Allah, the Quran, the Sunnah, the Prophet's companions and wives, and Aishah, our mother!

This is why when I hear some of my fellow Palestinians build palaces and castles in dreams of the Shi'a retaking Palestine from the Jews, I tell them this…

Do You know?

Do you know that…

1. Khomeini admitted that the Shi'a religion was started by a Jew (Abdullah Ibn Saba)?

2. In the Shi'a resources, when the Mahdi finally decides to leave his cave, and enjoy a more diverse diet than water and honey, he will remove the dead bodies of Abu Bakr and Umar from their graves, which are next to the Prophet's grave, and flog them. He will then destroy the Ka'bah, reestablish the Jewish Temple (for those who do not know geography, Jews say that their temple is located in the same place as Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem), and use David's star as the simple for his state. (And to think that the poor Zionists had to fight their way into occupying Al-Quds and raising the Zionist star above it. All what they had to do is wait for the Mahdi, or at least his deputy, as Khaminei, the current Shi'a Imam, declared himself to be lately, to rebuild the temple for them, free of charge.)

3. Umar freed Palestine from Christian tyranny, and Salah ad-Din freed it again from Christian tyranny. The Shi'a curse both of them.

I declare that if this is the price to pay to win back my Palestine, I do not need it or need the people who retake it from the Jews to end up giving it to a religion that was started by a Jew.

I know some readers will totally dislike my articles about the Shi'a religion. They will not like to listen to the truth. They are dreaming of millions of Shi'a soldiers marching into Al-Quds to free it from the Jews and surrender it to the Mahdi deputy. They will be waiting for a long, long time. Frankly, I do not care if such Muslims dislike what I say here; I only hope in and fear Allah, the Exalted, the Most High. My only wish is that those who try and refute what I say be courageous enough to mention their full name as I always do in my books and articles, and to declare to us that they do not care if the Shi'a say all of this. However, the Shi'a and their supporters cannot refute what we state here about the Shi'a, because their books of old and new are full of this false creed and much more.

I end this articles with this wonderful statement by Imam Ibn Taimiyyah, "If you ask the Jews about the best among them, they will say, 'The companions of Musa (Moses u).' If you ask the Christians, 'Who are the best among you,' they will say, 'The disciples of `Esa (Jesus u),' If you ask the Shi'a, 'Who are the worse among you,' they will say, 'The companions of Muhammad.'"

Shaykh Jalal Abualrub

-And Allah knows best.
May Allah unite our Ummah upon the truth and guide us to that which is most pleasing to Him.

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